Sempai Nate Angelo

Sempai Nate Angelo began training in martial arts in 2009 in Lake City, Florida.  He won his first World Championship title at the US Open in July 2017 in Traditional Forms.  His plan in karate is to become a Black Belt and one day open his own dojo.  He became an instructor with Sansei Shuri International in January 2017. Karate has taught him discipline, respect, and leadership skills. He looks forward to working with  new students in the future.


Sempai Joseph Powers


Sempai Joseph Powers is an avid martial arts practitioner. He started his study of the martial arts in mid 2013 with the late Grand Master Andy Horne. Sempai Joseph first started learning the ju-jitsu side of Okinawan karate and bridged over to start learning Okinwan Shuri-Ryu. On December 13, 2016, Grand Master Andy Horne passed away briefly stopping Sempai Josephs' training. 

Sempai Joseph continued his training under Sensei Christopher Hovey in May 2017 and is an instructor at Sansei Shuri International.  Sempai Joseph competed in the AAU circuit and is the 2018 AAU Regional Champion of Florida.

Sempai Joseph continues his study and training of karate-do to understand what karate means for the mind, body, and spirit to its fullest.

Sempai Joseph also served 6 years in the Navy with Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 14.


Sempai Liam McSwain

Sempai Liam McSwain began his martial arts training in 2012, at a small karate school in Gainesville, Florida. During this time, he competed in the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union). Through the tournament circuit, he won his first National Championship in sparring in 2016. He went on to win national titles in 2017 and 2018 in kata and weapons. He also won his first AAU World title in sparring at the AAU Junior Olympics in 2017. Sempai Liam became an instructor for Sansei Shuri International in Lake City, Florida in October of 2017. He loves teaching the art of Shuri-Ryu to new students and finds great value in the focus, respect, and leadership skills it teaches. He looks forward to becoming a black belt and opening a karate school in the future.


Sempai Emma McSwain

Sempai Emma McSwain began her martial arts training in 2012. While training in Gainesville, she competed in the Florida AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) karate circuit. In 2016, she earned her first two National titles in kata and sparring at the AAU Junior Olympics. She joined Sansei Shuri International in Lake City, Florida in 2017. Along with continuing her competition in the AAU she began competing in the NASKA karate circuit where she earned titles in weapons and sparring. Sempai Emma became an instructor at Sansei Shuri International in November of 2017. She enjoys teaching and spreading karate knowledge to her fellow students at her dojo and looks forward to continuing in the art of Shuri- Ryu to earn her black belt in the future.