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Sansei Shuri International

Lake City's Only Traditional Karate School

(352) 949 - 6513

About Us

Misson Statement


Our mission at Sansei Shuri International is  to become a true and traditional international martial arts organization and evolve by welcoming all traditional styles.  A student's potential should not be limited. The 21st century is upon us and it is our obligation to fit into the classification of the 21st century's major demand to allow students not only to excel in one thing and stop, but rather to allow an unlimited, global education to produce the quality, old-school, traditional martial arts we have all come to love and enjoy.  It is essential to build global communication to provide further knowledge of traditional karate's most valuable secrets and trades.  We want to enhance our communities and citizens through positive reinforcement and personal development of power, knowledge, and traditional karate skills.  We will strive to instill HOPE in all of those that we teach because hope is the only thing stronger than fear. 

Instructor's Purpose


The instructor's purpose is to uphold traditional lineage morals, values, respect, discipline, honor, integrity, family, and bravery to the highest level.  Our instructors will empower students by teaching them the importance of being well-rounded, versatile, open-minded, and of course to strive for excellence through karate-do.  Our focus is to enhance a student's choice of developing personal power, discipline, and respect through Sansei Shuri International.  We will provide a very strong foundation including a disciplined educational environment in which all students are treated fairly and with dignity and respect.  We will teach a code of ethical behavior and self-enlightenment with personal and community betterment as its end goals.  We will create a successful and positive business model in order to provide the necessary resources to upgrade and maintain our training facility.    

The Meaning


The word "Sensei" means teacher.  The number 3 in Japanese is "San".  The word "Sansei" was created to represent the 3 generations of teachers of the lineage we follow.

Shuri is the style of karate that we study; Traditional Okinawan Shuri-Ryu. 

At Sansei Shuri International we strive to enhance our communities and to further our knowledge and not be limited to an "Inside of the Box" mindset.  We do not want to limit a student's potential. Every student is given the best opportunity to grow and learn at a global level.  

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Conveniently Located Downtown at:

986 E Duval Street

Lake City, FL 32055

Chief Instructor 

Chris Hovey

(352) 949 - 6513

Sansei Shuri International

986 E Duval Street Lake City, Florida 32055

(352) 949 - 6195 Krystal Hovey Business Manager

Hours Of Operation

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04:15 pm – 09:00 pm